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What is a Bridge Loan and How Can It Work for You?

Bridge loans are short-term loan options that can range from a few weeks to a few years. Bridge loans are meant to provide quick cash-flow for businesses to bridge the gap between the shortage of funds and business expenses. Since some business loans can take a few weeks to be approved, bridge loans are here to provide almost instantaneous funds for businesses seeking ways to bridge their current financial needs.

Getting the funds your business needs from a traditional lender can help you secure resources to grow your business. Unfortunately, traditional business loans often take time to process. Even if you’re approved, you may not be able to access the loan funds for several weeks. Bridge loan lenders help you get the money you need for immediate expenses while you wait for other financing to come through.

Pay Tax Bills icon

Pay Tax Bills

  • Use bridge loans to pay off a tax bill that’s higher than usual
  • Help your business catch up on tax expenses to remain in good standing with the IRS
Replenish Capital icon

Replenish Capital

  • Cover traditional loan costs, such as origination fees, which could deplete business cash reserves
  • Use bridge loans as a cash infusion when your traditional lender can’t come through
Rapid Expansion icon

Rapid Expansion

  • Take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities to expand your business
  • Hire the contractors and staff needed to open and run a larger business operation
Cover Costs During the Lows icon

Cover Costs During the Lows

  • Cover expenses during seasonal lulls
  • Bridge loans allow you to pay your bills even if your clients are late on payment

How to Apply

Easily apply online for a bridge loan to cover immediate expenses in the interim before more permanent financing is ready. Applying for a commercial bridge loan is simple with our online application process. We’ll connect you with a dedicated Funding Specialist who will help you determine if a bridge loan is right for your business.
How to Apply steps

How Does a Bridge Loan Work?

Fast & Easy Application Process

Fast & Easy Application Process

No-cost, no-obligation application with funding in as few as 24 hours1

Helpful Loan Guidance

Helpful Loan Guidance

A Funding Specialist will contact you to help you choose the right business financing option.

Quick Decision, Fast Funding

Quick Decision, Fast Funding

You could be approved, and funds deposited into your account, in as little as 24 hours.1

What Customers Are Saying

Beatty Lawn & Tree Service - Ron Beatty's Story

Ron Beatty, Owner

Beatty Lawn & Tree Service

Knowing how hard it had been trying to secure small business loans in the past, this family-owned business sought out National Funding thanks to its reputation for accessible, hassle-free loans. Being able to purchase new, reliable equipment was a critical component for this growth business, and National Funding helped them make it happen.

Why National Funding?

Nobody provides a more personalized approach, with experience Funding Specialists to guide you every step of the way and answer your funding questions. Our process makes getting the money you need to cover business expenses easy.

Simple, Fast Application Process

Simple, Fast Application Process

No-cost, no-obligation application and funding with a quick turn-around.1

A Trusted Lending Partner

A Trusted Lending Partner

Supporting 75,000+ businesses nationwide with over $4.5 billion in funding.

Dedicated Funding Specialists

Dedicated Funding Specialists

Our Funding Specialists care about your success and guide you to the right loan to get the funds you need.

High Approval Rates

High Approval Rates

Even if you’ve been turned down elsewhere, there’s still a great chance we can get you the business capital.

Hassle-Free Payments

Hassle-Free Payments

We provide fixed terms and set up simple, automatic payments3

We Know Your Industry

We Know Your Industry

We have experience helping a wide variety of business owners secure the right financing solution

Bridge Loan Resources

You might be wondering how bridge loans can help your business succeed. Use these resources to better understand how to benefit from a commercial bridge loan for your business.

Should I Offer Financing to my Customers?

Should I Offer Financing to my Customers?

Adding a financing option for your customers could add up to more sales. If you find yourself needing cash when offering financing, bridge loans may be the perfect solution. Read this post to learn how a financing program can help you retain customers.

How Seasonal Businesses Can Stay Competitive Through the Highs and Lows

If you run a seasonal business, you know how difficult the off season can be. Working with bridge loan lenders is just one way to keep your cash flow steady during the slow months. This post offers other ideas to keep business moving when it’s the off season.

How Seasonal Businesses Can Stay Competitive Through the Highs and Lows

Business Financing Options When Cash Flow Dries Up

Business Financing Options When Cash Flow Dries Up

It's hard to run a business when cash isn't flowing. Bridge loans are one way to keep your cash reserves full while waiting for an increase in capital. Check out this post to learn how bridge loans and other financing solutions can boost your business cash flow.

FAQ: Bridge Loans

As a business owner, it’s important that you ask questions before making any financing decisions. We’ve collected some of the most commonly asked questions about bridge loans.

How do I get a bridge loan?
Applying for bridge loans from National Funding is quick and easy. Simply use our online application and fill out a few small details about your business. A knowledgeable Funding Specialist will get in touch with you to learn more about your business. They’ll help you put together a customized loan solution to bridge your cash flow gaps.
What is a bridge loan?
Bridge loans work similarly to other short-term business financing as a way to bridge the gap between your current cash reserves and your next capital infusion.
How much can I borrow on a bridge loan?
Bridge loan amounts vary by business and business-owner. Our Funding Specialists will determine the right loan amount for your business and your budget after they review your application and pertaining documents.
What is the difference between bridge loans and traditional loans?
There are quite a few differences between bridge loans and traditional loans, it is just a matter of choosing the loan that is right for your business. Bridge loans provide faster financing with short-term plans, which is essential for businesses that need cash-flow in a short timeframe. Traditional loans may take a few weeks to provide funds and the loan length can range from 5 to 20 years.

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Trustpilot rates 5 out of 5Jul 19

As far as bridge financing goes...

As far as bridge financing goes these guys are about as good as it's going to get we paid it off early and got a 10% discount on the balance

Randy Shoemaker

Trustpilot rates 5 out of 5May 28

Eric Fong did an amazing job

I will definitely recommend any small business needing one form of funding or the other to check National Funding out.

Sam A.

Trustpilot rates 5 out of 5Jun 06

Hats off to the team that helped me…

Hats off to the team that helped me with some business lending. They made the process super easy for both working capital and equipment loans.

Hallie Beilig

Trustpilot rates 5 out of 5Jun 15

Great experience

Great experience, easy funding, paid next day! Smooth & straightforward process! Still lowest offered than any other lenders.